Premature graying of hairs

27 year/M complaint of premature greying of hairs since 7 months Hairfall Patient used to travel a lot for job purpose no other complaint Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- non-veg, sour things Aversion- no Milk causes diarrhoea Stool- normal Urine- occasional burning Thermals- hot Patient is very competitive, ambitious Calm, composed emotional likes company good memory Suggest treatment Doctors




Dear Dr. Meenakshi Bisht ma'am, Advice for the case. Advice for Gaughruta Pratimarsh Nashya. Tab. Brahmi vati 1 BD with milk. Tab. Navayas Lauh 1BD. Advice not to use any shampoo, but use amala,Shikakai and Ritha boild water. Use Brahmi tail for hair.

Thanks @Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir.

Stressful life, pollution, malnutrition are basic cause of hair graying. Please rule out the cause before switching to any treatment. Meditation and yoga will help a lot.

Kostha Shuddhi Sroto Vishodhan and Santarpana Chikitsa can help in such case... Educate the patient about Healthy Life style and advise for Narsimha Rasayan

Bhringaraj Pnchang Churna Brahmi Vati Amalaki Rasayan Saptamrita Lauha Triphala Ghrita Pratimarsh Nasya Of Gau Ghrita. Shirshasan,Sarvangasan,Kapal bhati,Anulom Vilom Pranayam.

Avoid spicy, oily,junk fermented and packed food tea, Tobbaco and alcohol also. Regular exercise. Cowghee nasya daily before going to bed. Tab.Hairback 2-2-2 Neelibhringraj oil for local application.

Lycopodium or Nat mur. Select the most similar medicine. Advise him for healthy eating habits and exercise

pitta shamak chikitsa really works in palitya, praval pishti, amla chooran, bhringraj choran, mukta pishti, avipattikar churan, shatavari chooran etc

Junk food, controlling urine,.... cranberry juice lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri orange lemon lemongrass decoction carrots no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods sunshine

N mur 200

Rx Lycopodium 1m/3dose weekly Sepia 30/tds for 15 days

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