Primary infertility with 8yrs marital life,regular cycles Kindle comment on the HSG.



HSG Is not informative. you can see a tiny uterus. tubes are not visualised. may be patient was tensed up leading to tubal spasm. go for a hystero laparoscopy.

as you say that she has regular cycles, uterus should be normal. but the picture here looks hypoplastic. as she is married for 8 years, don't waste time. do hysterolaparoscopy and decide further treatment.

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Here what we can see is a small rudimentary uterus with bilateral tubal block at cornual level, but dr I think this is mostly because of extravaziation of the dye repeat HSG. needed.

HSG, uterus seen, tubes and ovaries not visualized.

Dear Gopala we can't see ovaries in Hsg.

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Mam I wrote only uterus seen

it looks like leak or extravasetion of dye...probably done on some day 5..but anyways with a history of 8yrs of infertility it's better to go for a diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy instead of repeating hsg..N to make sure husband's semen analysis is normal

bilateral cornual block due to spasm or obstruction.can try FTC

HSG is not gold standard method. you say that she has regular cycles.ut. n but here look s hypoplastic. married for 8 years don't waste time. go for TVS and hysterolaproscopic.decide treatment

Tq ,planning the same Mam!

uterus smaller than normal size. bilateral tubal block. laparohysteroscopy to be done.also test her hormone profile .

Its already 8yrs...plan laproscopy n hysteroscopy.... plan treatment accordingly

hsg is not confirmative in this post, my point of view history, previous reports , age of a pt important. kindly mention so with minimum cost and time one can proceed for further mx

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