Primiparous buffalo history of thelitis with harden teat and

Primiparous Buffalo history of Thelitis with harden teat and pealing of skin from last 7days treated earlier with inj Mceft, injMaxtol, Mammidium and Healant for topical applucation. but not respionded please give your valuble sugestions


if animal is non preg go for steroid make milk yield drop adv owner to avoif knuckle method of milking gave ad3e inj apply mastilep oin ment in morning and zno oinment evening zn. required to keratin tissue healing povidone iodine dip in a cup before application of oinment gave the fate of this case to this forum

zno works better in hardness

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this is mammilities caused by virus mainly herpes.use anthiomaline inj 48hrs interval for 6 times.along with isoflud 10ml im ,nasid flunixin and cpm.extl application of vetbacin ointment.recommended bolus SERRAKIND 2 bid one week

SAID isoflud ;nsaid flunixin both at a time what's use sir

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povidone iodine+ metronidazole oint for topical application and cetftriaxoni inj for 5days.with Homeopathy treatment thiosinanum calc flourica auru

Homeopathy treatment with aur mur nat calc flourica thiosinanum

inj.megludyn (flunixin meglumine )10ml /day 6day,inj.Bezathine penicillin 24800000 IU6day,inj.Avil10ml6day,inj.V-5(vita.a,d,e,h,iodine ) 5ml6day,wash with povidone iodine and metronidazole, apply on teat kiskine cream after wash

Go antibiotics sensitivity test

I do agree with Rajini kanth

Give only one advise to farmer... No treatment.. Teat may fall down after a few days..

Surgical correction is one option, Save life and further complications,

No sir homeopathy calendula ointment.prior wash of metrinidazole will recover animal ...also roomag DP powder with vaseline also beneficial to animal

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