Prostate Cancer - Trivia

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men usually seen after the age of 50 but it keeps increasing as age increases. Symptoms are quite similar to BPH initially like frequency of micturation, nocturia, but later patient may develop erectile dysfunction, blood in urine or semen, etc. Please share your insights on this leading cancer in men......



I suggest and advise to all my BPH patients to get routine DRE AND PSA level atleast once in a year. In patients with family history and other risk factors I advise to get every 6 monthly checkup. Educating patients about the prostate health is the key factor in early diagnosis and management of cancer prostate.

Very common in Male patient I have seen a case of 40 years before 1 month . Valuable and useful information Thanks to curofy

If you have problem of frequency of urine , hesitancy or hematuria and your age is above 50 years , serum PSA total and free to be done at 3 years interval to monitor


Pro ok ho jatti h cancer ok ho jatta h

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