Protruding growth over tongue

A 55 year old male presented to OPD with complaints of lesion shown from almost last 1 year, which went into mild remission, then recurred from last 3 to 4 months Chief Complaints He is complaining of pain, and difficult to eat especially on affected side History He had visited allopathic practitioners but no relief, but had significant relief with Homeopathic medications, but it again recurred He has applied Kenacort, Orasep etc in the past too Management Please advice the line of management for such patient I have advised him - Ornidazole 500 BD for 7 days Oint Kenacort 0.1 % + Oint Placentrax L/A twice daily PPI + Prokinetic Tab Cobadex CZS BD Should we advise Chlorhexidine mouth wash, anti inflammatories etc too?



Ulcerative growth on tongue Adv biopsy to r/o malignancy Second look for sharp tooth causing consistent trauma If tooth is culprit need to rub off or extracted so healing takes place Otherwise biopsy showing malignancy will require hemiglossectomy

Thanx dr Kute Ankush

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Any growth on tongue is to be viewed suspicious as malignant and calls for Biopsy and HPE. By the redeeming clinical features are absent fixation of mobile of tongue and excessive salivation . No h/o tobacco abuse in history or presence of preexisting inflamatory conditions (like oralP) are also significant . Tumors being surgical entities ,medical treatment of sorts is bound to fail . Failure to refer to a surgeon by the medical practioners is not proper. Not a case to pull fast buck ! Usually,a sharp projection from adjacent tooth can cause irritation and grouth. Consultation of a oral surgeon will have duel advantage .

Definitely swelling of tongue Biopsy HP r/0 ssc Opinion of dental must to r/0 Traumatic injury due to sharp canine


Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain sir

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Immediately go for Biopsy and rule out malignancy. You haven’t mentioned his personnel history such as tobacco or betel nut chewing, mal position of offending tooth.

Tongue pathology.. Malignancy.. Management.. Biopsy surgery..

Thanks doctor pushkar Bohemia

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Suspected malignancy Biopsy Treat as per reports

Thanks Dr. Kute Ankush, Dr. Amitabh Dasgupta, Dr. Pushker Bhomia, Dr. Rakesh kayasth

Biopsy to rule out malignancy

Go for biopsy

Carcinoma tongue Ad Biopsy for HPE

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