Will this much suffice for the psoriasis patient, with one lesion over her medial aspect of ankle, and another developing over left foot too Management Oint Sorvate C L/A twice daily Oint Tazret gel 0.05% L/A at bedtime (with moisturizers) Deksel 60k for 3 days, then weekly for 4 weeks Give your valuable opinion on this case



Clinical Impression: ? Psoriasis Vulgaris My approach to such patient would be as follows. 1. FUSIBET cream or cream like CLOP G: Once a day application at night 2. Baby Oil: 1 hour before bath-scales will come out easily during bath with moisturizer effect of residual oil. 3. ATARAX for itching Reviewed after 10 to 14 days. Depending on response I would have made steroid cream twice a week application. If needed, Calcitriol or Tazarotene would have been use in future. The course of Psoriasis is chronic and unpredictable. However 70 % of cases of psoriasis are mild and can be easily control with topical therapy. Thanks for reading my view.

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I am not convinced of lesion as psoriasis Scabs are ointment deposits seen original morphology of eruptions not seen if you are convinced than tacrolimus 0.03%oint twice daily Lobate-s oint twice daily Orally tab dispred4mg 1tds Tab Levocetrizine5mg 1bd Tab methotrexate 7.5mg weekly

Thanx dr Vedprakash Singh

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Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain sir

Methotrexate as per Wight Tab Medrol 8 MG OD Levocetrizine OD Cream Clobate ointment Multi vitamin OD Moisturex local application

Dear Dr. Ajeet Pal Singh Sir, Advice for the case by Ayurveda. Tab.Panch Tikta Ghruta Guggulu 1 tds with Panch Tikta Ghruta 1/2 tsp. Psora Lotion or Lippu oil for local application. Advice for Dhyana at least 24 minutes daily.

Psoriasis Rx Tab levocetrizine 5 mg BD Tab Acylovir 800 mg OD Clobetasol ointment used Tab vitamin A,E,D BD Topical steroids low dose Clean skin regularly potassium permanganate and keto soap bath and moisturizer cream use and protection against dust particles and light sun light UV radiation cover skin..and diet and meditation start

Add tab Medrol in tappering doses Tab Ativan 2 mg at bed time

Salicylic acid with clobetasol oint to apply locally 8hrly ×1month, Tab.levocetrizine 5mg od, Bcomplex, Vit.D & E, A short course of tab Dexamethasone in tapping dose. Consult Dermatologist for further needful.

Eczema, psoriasis.

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