pt age 25 :/fever chest pain esr 65 crp+ no sputum



X-ray chest is placed in a reverse way.. Right sided non homogeneous shadow with Air Bronchogram suggesting of right lower lobar consolidation... Atypical pneumonia may be the diagnosis.. Patient may not bring out Sputum in all the cases of consolidation.. Watch for the response by treating with amoxyclav and azithromycin.. Explore for tuberculosis by bronchoscopy lavage and send sputum for AFB smear and bactec culture and gene Xpert if Response to antibiotics is in adequate... Cect may also need to be done

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Chest x-ray shows non homogeneous right lower zone infiltrates suggestive of consolidation, to treat as community acquired pneumonia you may consider a beta lactum like amoxicillin and a macrolide like azithromycin to cover atypical organism.

give rx as pnumonia. Then watch .... If not responding . then adv afb or ct chest

rt lower zone consolidation rule out tb if possible suggest ct chest

right lower zone infiltrates, treat as CAP rule out TB

dextocardia sites inverts and lung abscess

looks like RT lower lobe consolidation

r/ o kochs lower zone consolidation.

RT lower consolidation

primary tuberculosis

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