pt age 25 m c/o pain me lower right back tooth region since 2 3 days.. diagnosis t/t ??



Large Radiolucency wrt to impacted 48 and 47. D/ d will include dentigerous cysts, calcifying odontogenic cysts, unicystic (mural) ameloblastoma ameloblastoma Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor keratocystic odontogenic tumor calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor Advice cbct Post clinical pic Treatment accordingly

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Well defined radiolucency in right posterior mandible with sclerotic borders and disto angular impaction in 48 Diagnosis - Odontogenic keratocyst Dentigerous cyst Unicystic ameloblastoma Confirm with biopsy Any clinical pictures sir?

Multilocular radiolucency causing hollowing out entire rt ramus... DD OKC Ameloblastoma Dentigerous cyst

It is distoangular impaction of 48 . cystic lesion already developed due to impaction but there was no pain due to non infected cyst. As soon as cyst became infected due to ingress of infection from mesial &distal side of 48 there became pain. Cause of pain is also due tohigh contact point of 48.after grinding of 48 cusp relief may be there. But for permanent cure extraction &through curetage of involved region should be . but before treatment biopsy should be. Generaly drifting of tooth becomes in mesial side so malocclusion will not develop.cbct should be before treatment

Impacted qad 48 ,47 D3ntigerous cyst Calcifying odontogenic cyst Ameloblastoma Cal.epi.odontog3nic tumor Adv cbct,clinical pic

The rt lower wisdom is diverted posteriorly and at the time of mastication the supraerupted wisdom may first contact at the time of mastication so there will be temporomandibular pain at the mandibular joint and there is gap between upper and lower molar teeth which are in low position . So the upper and lower wisdom teeth in supra eruption and they are in first contact . So the existing teeth will have no contact .at all . Perpetual preservation of wage remains in the oral cavity . The moment wisdom teeth means first answer is removal but we should not do that , if the wisdom is in sleeping means horizontal r any position rather than vertical we can think of removal because of any cystic changes in future . So here we can trim the sharp everted cusps in to flat and so by trimming the wisdom teeth the 12 molars and premolars will sit in occlusion . So better not to remove 3 molar reduce the cyspal height by trimming . If u remove the wisdom the lost corner pillar of the arch get weakens and ten to drift all the 12 molars and premolars also will drift posteriorly and there will be unter proximal space between all the lower rt quadrent

Large radiolucency wrt 48 covering 47 too...n 48 is partially impacted.. D/D-. OKC Dentigerous cyst Ameloblastoma

See seem to b a huge cyst doctor associated with 48 and root apex of 47 extending to whole of ramus and coronoid process..any clinical pic doctor??

Clinically all is normal as normal pic so i don't take

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Agree with @Dr. Amoolya Adimulam We can see large radiolucency associated with ramus of mandible n apical to the 7

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