Pt.aged. 37yrs.c/o pain on rt. Side of tongue from 4 days. Please

pt.aged. 37yrs.c/o pain on rt. side of tongue from 4 days. please Dx. and Rx.



This is a case of Aphthous ulcer. Management Avoid spicy food, hot drinks. Avoid tobacco chewing. B Complex supplements. Betadine mouth wash. Triamcinolone buccal paste for L/A. Iron, Folic acid supplements if anemic. Aphthous ulcer heels gradually over 1 week. If recurrent, investigate. Rule out diabetes, other immuno compromised states. Stop habit of tobocco chewing if present. R/o traumatic ulcer due to sharp tooth.

i will add grinding of sharp tooth,if any....

That's one big aphthous ulcer. Considering the age r/o any loose tooth,dm.oral hygiene is a must. Efcorlin pellets are useful along with wokadine gargles. Analgesics.

aphtus ulcer...application of LAXONAX plus oral past locally. .flucanazol 150 stat..folic acid 5mg.. dewormirng tab..IVORAL FORTE on 5 day interval repeat.

apthous ulcer,,stomatitis,,mucopain gel or orasep gel or clenora gel for la,,acenac-sp along with metro-400 t.i.d along with tb.b.complex

Very nice case Dr Chandralal!! Patient have pain in the right side of her tongue, and the lesion is typically located over the lateral margin of the tongue with surrounding inflamation, and this lesion is not multiple (apthous ulcer is ruled out, as by 4 th day patient would have multiple ulcers)... This lesion goes in favour of typical dental cause ulcer over the lateral margin of tongue!! The Mx lies in removal of the inducer of this ulcer, that is the sharp tooth or the broken part of the tooth, which can be done by drill down the sharp part or file down the sharp part or use hand held burr to remove the same, if there's carious tooth treat in the same way or through your own way, so that nothing sharp part is producing point friction over the tongue!! Now take care of the dental ulcer over the tongue with oint mucopain or dentogel tdac and oint kenacort tdpc for 2 weeks is suffice!! I think this will definitely work!! Thank u!!

trumatic ulcer

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most likely apthous ulcer. could also be traumatic after tongue bite. symptomatic Rx 1.)triamcilone gel local application. 2.)before food tantum (benzhexidine) oral gargles without dilution. salicylic acid gel l/a for pain relief. metronidazole + betadine oint l/a other than these most other like multivitamins etc don't change the duration of disease process. I don't recommend them.

Apathus ulcer Blood sugar F PP Rebazen tid for 12 days Fluconazole 150 weekly Folic acid OD for one month metronidazole TID for 7 days Laxanox application Betadine gargle with water Grinding of sharp teeth .

it looks like aphthous ulcer on tounge as it is big in size it may cause pain even when patient bite his /her tounge and painful ulcer is mostly not a serious concern and heal with treatment Rx Lexanox oral paste (amlexanox) or kenacort 0.1% Tab. Rebagen (Rebamipide 100 mg) BD Cap. Becosule BD also for pain Orahelp gel

Its apthous major with sec.infected Rx Tab . Deflazacrt 6mg od 5days Tab. (l-methyl bifolate) bd for 5 days Tab . metronidazole 400mg bd for 5 days Mucopain+Tess for Ta(mixed)..for thrice daily...Regards

Undoubtedly Apthous ulcer...Pls check if this lady has digestion issues I can find teeth pointed so this could happen due to friction She could be having..overshelling stress....

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