pt came opd with pain and difficulty swallowing. since a day. no fever. whts image? and t/t?



Ac oropharyngitis Rx tab Azithromycin500mg1odx5days add analgesics and antiinflamatory if pt c/o cold add antiallergic. And gargales

Thanx dr Parvez Alam

Acute oro - & nasopharyngitis with Grade I-II B/L Tonsillar swelling. Treat with Azithromycin, Betadyne(2%) gargle, Levocetrizine, Ibuprofen, PPI.

Agree with dr Agarwal sir

Thanx dr Satish Kumar

Sore throat. Symptomatic. Hot saline gargles for long time

Severe oropharyngitis

Acute Phyrangitis

What's the duration? Was wbc & differential count done? Granular pharyngitis, Agranulocytosis.

Sore throat 2% betadine gargle Azithromycin 500mg od 5 days Antiinflamatory analgesic

Thanx dr Deepak kumar

Pharyngitis,adv.warm saltgargle and wait and see. this

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