pt.having severe pain in shoulder. could not able to move hands.. painful while moving or doing work. gives your suggestions.. regarding this case



Improper history... Is external rotation is limited more?? Any history of injury?? Sudden onset or insidious onset?? May be frozen shoulder or RTC tear.. Examine the patient completely for movements, rotator cuff examination and stability examination..

Reduced subacromial space Beaking of acromion Subacromial impingement There could be partial tear of rotator cuff with only weakness of abduction Analgesics Chymoral Shoulder pulley exercises If not getting better,MRI to rule out rotator cuff tear Subacromial injection of Kenacort will help Hyaluronate also can be used for subacromial injection Surgical option is arthroscopic acromio plasty Rotator cuff repair if any

Periarthritis of shoulder jt. (frozen shoulder). Rotator cuff injury. Sub acromial bursitis. Sub deltoid bursitis . MRI to perfect dx.

any history of trauma? age and occupation of patient? Is the shoulder pain restricted only to shoulder? any specific area like AC joint, lateral aspect of arm, radiating to elbow or hand? Are cervical range of motion full and painfree? many times by just chintucks and cervical mobs shoulder range improves. after ruling out cervical spine, could be acute calcific tendinitis which can b confirmed by usg shoulder,

no mam no h/o trauma age is 52 yr pain is only at shoulder painful on motion

x-ray itself is non - contributory other than evidence of peri articular osteoporosis age of patient. .history. ...rom. ..clinical finding will clinch the diagnosis. ...Most common being peri arthritis

Frozen sholder dd bursitis dd oa dd calcification mri ideal

Maybe frozen shoulder, advised physiotherapy.

Shoulder imprengement syndrome Coraco-acromial sublaxation Rule of grade of ligament injury both coraco-acromial and acromio-clavicular ligament Anti inflammatorys Rest Physiotherapy

? rotator cuff muscle injury. ... adv. usg of shoulder joint

NEED reduction of shoulder dislocation followed by immobilisation with shoulder support for 14 days .

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