pt is 4 yrs child came with ho slip and fall from 9 feet height while playing at home ho 1 episode of vomiting gcs 15/15 interpret CT findings and management



Right frontal large Haemorrhagic Contusions with perilesional oedema. Prophylactic antibiotics,AEDs, n decongestive therapy.Repeat CT after 12hrs.

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Contusion SDH rt frontoparietal region Decompression Inj Mannitol Syp Sodium Valproate 10mg/kg/dose twice daily Tab Ondansetron 2mg bd Refer to Neurosurgeon

Hematoma rt frontal lobe Treat as a c/o head injury/concussion Keep under observation

Thanx dr Ramesh Kumar Singh

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Rt frontal contusion with perilesional oedema , however the cistern are visible , gcs pulse rate pupil monitoring, adv surgery if there is any bradycardia, anisocoria, other raise ICP features, gcs fall, chances of detroiation,mainly 5,6,7,8 when oedema occur,till then given cerebral decongestant,antiepiletic,supportive treatment, if bradycardia is there then it's better to operate rather than wait for deteriotion of pt.

Right frontal bone fracture Rt frontal EDH Right frontal lobe hemorrhage Observation, neurosurgeon opinion, anti EDEMA measures , conservative management . If there is deterioration, repeat CT and advise

Conservative management with antiepileptics and antiedema drugs. CT only if any deterioration in condition.

Rt frontal SDH...start Mannitol and repeat CT... If doesn't improve or worsens GCS then Burrhole and evacuation

Thank you doctor

Rt frontal contusion, aed, nsaid, PPP blockers, symptomatic care, observe

Rt frontal hemorrhagic contusion .No mid line shift.suggest supportive care. Rept 24hrs

Hematoma rt frontoparietal region admit neurosurgeon opinion cerebral concussion subdural haemtoma

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