Pt is 70 year old and farmer by occupation comes at health center with folowing complain. 1)ulcer on posterior on rt great toe. 2)ulcer on posterior little finger. past history pt was treated fo mb leprosy with mdt 2 years back.there is no sensory loss except patches.please advise the treatment and follow up.



Yes these are trophic ulcers and pt has been treated for leprosy even if you see towards lower legs skin is not normal take tissue biopsy from ulcers margins to see tvnc yes he needs to be treated as tuberculoid leprosy

Thanx dr Jagjit Singh

Well all the consultants have veey nicely mentioned about leprosy mx Regarding foot Instruct the parient to Follow strict foot care and ASD with antomicribial cream start a a course of antibiotic to prevent secondary infection

It's a case of tuberculoid leprosy along with trophic needs urgent care of the ulcer alongwith treatment of leprosy.

dr mishra this not relapse leprosy case pt had been taken MDT 2 year back and pt do not complain any significant symptoms which suugest relapse of leprosy .otherwise pt need treatment for tropic ulcer with advise mcr sleeper precutionaly.thanks

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Tuberculoid leprosy. Trophic ulcer seen. Adv.. tissue biopsy for further evaluation and management. Ulcer needs to be taken care of ,by applying vasalin sterilized gauge.

Thanks Dr Rupa.

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Tuberculoid leprosy with trophic need proper care of ulcer . It is an emergency

All consultants have told for leprosy Advice foot care Protective devices

Tuberculoid leprosy Adv :biopsy for proper diagnosis Ulcer care

Tuberculoid leprosy with trophic ulcers.needs proper care of is an .emergency

Tuberculoid leprosy

Trophic ulcers

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