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Skin biopsy 81 /Male, Right side back :warty growth

Pt. Is 81/Male, wart like Growth excised from right side of back. Clinical diagnosis : Benign wart Skin with hair attached STP meas. 2x1.5x1.4 cms. Whole skin surface covered by a raised irregular growth meas 1.5x1.1 cms in diameter. Probable diagnosis? (lot of mitosis seen) D/d: 1. Lichenoid keratosis 2. Seborrheic keratosis 3. Actinic keratosis 4. Warty dyskeratoma 5. SCC



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Reported this case as Warty Dyskeratoma

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Extensive hyperkeratosis.. acanthosis papillomatosis. Proliferating squamoid as well as basaloid cells. Horn cysts.. pseudohorn cysts. Dense perivascular lymphocytic agreegates in dermis. ACANTHOTIC TYPE SEBORRHEIC KERATOSIS WITH INFLAMMATORY REACTION. dd. Infected Keratoacanthoma

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May be a relevant dd. Intraepidermal cleavage with degenerate ketatinocytes.. noted. But definite villous projections.. and classical acantholytic cellsare not discernible. Typical cup shaped.. umbilicated lesion is also not present. Clinically.. an exophytic lesion.. rather than endophytic. More sections may be helpful.

Reported this case as Warty Dyskeratoma