Pt Name - ABC, Age -18 yrs, Sex - M C/o, Lt Side Scrotal Swelling Since 2weeks. No H/o, Fever , any major illness L/E, Movable swelling, Hard in consistency O/E, G.C.Good P- 80/min B.P. 118/80 mmHg S/E, CVS,CNS,RS- NAD P/A- Soft, No Tenderness. Kindly suggest Ayurved Treatment. Or Need To Do I & D



Moveble and hard in consistency that means still the abscess in in apakva condition allow once the abscess is in pakva stage do i&d clean the cavity with antiseptic solution or triphala kwatha Do dressing with Jatyati tailam vrana ropaka tailam Give gandhaka rasayanam Arogyavardini vati Guduchighanvati Yograj guggulu And manjistadi kwata

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Antibiotics And Anti-inflammatory Along with Analgesics Incison And Drainage With Proper Wound Care

विद्धि है। पुल्टिस बांधने से लाभ होगा, योग,,, रेवंन्द चीनी 5 ग्राम, सुहागा 5 ग्राम, गेहूं का आटा 15 ग्राम, पानी 25 ग्राम लेकर आग पर पकाएं जब शीतल होने पर पट्टी बांध दें।

Bettef to go with I & D @Dr. Padmavir Thorat sir Its almost in Pakwavastha, better to drain it.....

No Need To USG, No Need To I & D. Successfully Managed by Ayurved Chikitsa only. Jai Ayurved.@Dr. Preeti Sharma @Swati Deshmukh @Dr. Prashant Ganb @Dr. Sarika Kamthe @Dr. Amar Jagtap @Dr. Shardul Pathak @Dr. Prakash Javir @Dr. Hardikchandra Kalal @Dr. Vaibhav Lade @Dr. Akshay Thakur @Dr. Varsha Dhage @Dr. Majeed Khan @Dr. Santosh Jalukar @Dr. Prafulkumar @Dr. Ajit Patil @Dr. Mane Akanksha @Dr. Shweta Dollin @Dr. Ramashankar Singh @Dr. Kedareshwar Pancholi

Sir please share line of treatment .

Go with I&D After follows nija vrana chikitsa

Scrotal abcess.. Yes you have to go with I & D

Abscess. Incised and drain

In This Case I am agree with Dr.Nagur Mogal Sir.

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