pt of 35 yrs complain about of fungal infection wht is the drung of choice on it?




Looks like Onychomycosis Orally Terbinafine 250 mg OD Zocon 150mg weekly. Multivitamin antioxidant.

Onycomycosis .....cap itraconazole 200 bd for 7 days than 3 weeks off......3 pulse therapy

Onchomycosis Rx karanjadi taila LA or haldi paste with fresh cow urine.

Itraconazole200 bd. 1week 3 pulse therapy at interval of 15 days

Silicea 30 Acid chryso 30 Both tds


Graphitis 200

Tinea unguium

Dr Sumit if induration give Silicea. 6x if pt C /O pricking pain give Silicea Im.. If abscess. formed just prick with a sterile needle the pus wl drain out. This is my practice in my clinic.

This is fungal infection .he have no pus.
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