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Patient X was on NSAID treatment at the time when he contracted a SARS-CoV-2 infection Patient Y was not on NSAID treatment at the time when he contracted a SARS-CoV-2 infection The relative risk of death from COVID-19 will be increased for Patient X.

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May not sure because so many factors are there to decide like age ,sex , comorbadity status , immunity status and medical facility available etc. But chances of pt not taking NSAID is comparatively less of serious covid 19 infection and death , X was taking NSAID means suffering from illness may be for serious illness.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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The WHO declared to press that there is no evidence of an increased risk of death with the use of NSAIDs in Covid-19. Until more evidence is available, I think we should continue recommending our patients with chronic inflammatory arthritis not to discontinue the NSAIDs they are already taking as a regular prescription.

Not confirmed but it may True because initial symptoms of Covid infected pt may be suppressed by NSAID causing late diagnosis & proper tt of covid. Further NSAIDS may suppress natural immunity also.

-False- -No conclusive evidence- -Study- -Drake and colleagues3 used data from the ISARIC Clinical Characterisation Protocol UK cohort- -Mechanism - NSAIDs could theoretically be of harm in patients with COVID-19 is by NSAID----->UPREGULATION (ACE2) receptors in the lungs. -Additionally, NSAIDs might delay diagnosis of COVID-19 by masking inflammation and fever. After several initial studies, . -Conclusion- NSAID use with COVID-19 appears to confer no increased risk of poorer outcomes

Not sure may effect

True May be false..

Thanks doctor Dinesh Gupta


Absolutely answer is False.

Thank you Sir@Md Altaf Hussain .

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My opinion of true ..as NSAID is causing immunity deficiency ..

It is False

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