recurrent . heals by steroid but reoccurring . surprisingly no pain . what are D/D ? please help



looking at picture I suppose tobacco addict. so may be malignant ulcer. other causes are--- vit.b12 and folic acid deficiency constipation any systemic disease give b complex folic acid orasep ot mouth paint local application

He frequently have bowel upset and dyspepsia

apathus ulcer? Avoid spices and chilly etc Tab Rebazen tid for 14 Days Tab Folic acid OD Tab Metronidazole TID for 7 days Tab Fluconazole 150 mg weekly cream Laxanox application Betadine gargle with water 3 to 4 times / days.

with respect sir, isn't that overmedicating the pt?

floor of ulcer is yellowish but no pain it is unusual site of pain recurrence -biopsy is must even it is small

Apthous ulcer Lizolid

It is truely aphthous ulcer.Its nature is heeling and reappearing.They are also called as STRESS ULCERS.History wise pt is suffering with Irritable bowel syndrome.A part from routine treatment start with Fluoxetine 10 mg after break fast for 1 to 3 months.No need of biopsy in this case.

Aphthous ulcers. Give amlenox gel for long term. Clonazepam may help to relief stress. Any offending habit like betel nut chewing is to be stopped. If ulcer persists for more than 3 weeks recommendation is go for an incision biopsy.

Stomatitis if recurring biopsy HP to r/0 malignancy

Apthus ulcer, advised biopsy.

It looks like a typical recurrent apthous ulcer. it usually persists for 7-14 days and heals off. Typical symmetrical lesion with surrounding erythematous halo suggests acute inflammatory nature of the lesion. Steroids reduce inflammation and leads to healing. Initial investigation to be performed is complete hemogram. Finding a cause for such lesions is actually difficult. many etiology starting from nutrition deficiency, stress, immunological causes, viral etiology have been suggested

recurrent apthous ulcer. what is the duration? why habit? h/o constipation?

Duration approx 2 years . History of irregular Bowel habbit

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