Duodenal polyp under Ix as a cause of Recurrent Anemia.

Recurrent Iron deficiency Anemia due to UGI bleed , source polypoidal mass in D2. Chief Complaints A 16 yr old girl has come with severe weakness, easy fatigue and palpitations for past 1 month. On Examination pt was pale without icterus and other findings like splenomegaly, hematemesis, malena. Pt was admitted and was found to be Iron deficiency anemia , microcytic hypochromic anemia, low sr Iron and ferritin, normal ESR, stool for occult blood was neg, CXR was normal, routine urine was normal. Rest Ix were normal. Pt was transfused 4 units of P-RBC and discharged. Again after 1 month pt admitted with similar features and was pale along with H/O black colored stool. Her Hb was 3.2 and stool positive for occult blood. Pt was transfused P-RBC and transferred to higher center for UGI endoscopy to rule out GI pathology. There UGI endoscopy was done showing polypoidal mass in 2nd part of duodenum . Biopsy was done and sent for HPE. Waiting for reports.


Polypoidal growth in duodenum presenting as obstruction to lumen It is unlikely to be adenocarcinoma, as adenocarcinoma presents with obstructive jaundice, it luminal obstruction of late feature in adenocarcinoma of duodenum as compared to obstructive jaundice Other differential Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Lymphoma Neuroendocrine tumor

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