Recurring allergic Cold & running nose

32/y/o female patient has complain of recurring cold & running nose from past 3 months. Whenever she goes out from her place she starts sneezing. Even with minor dust around her, the symptoms aggravate and she needs to take anti allergic medications On examination Skin around Nose dry, due to constant mopping Nasal mucosa bluish discolouration Inferior turbinate hypertrophy She is vata kapha prakriti Agni madhyam




Pratimarsha nasya with murchita sarshapa tail +saindava lavana +navasara combination. (2-2 Drops daily mrng ). Triphala gugulu haridra kanda. Bhargva prokta rasayana

anu taila nasya regularly haridrakhand paak twice a day sitopaladi or talisadi churn chitrak haritaki may be helpful laxmivilas ras also have good results

Dear Dr.Shruthi Pandey ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Laxmi Vilas Ras ( Nardiya) 1 tds. Advice for Nashaya with Shadbindu tail .

Thanks @@Dr. Bhavesh Ramanandi

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Vilwathi gutika 1 td af Tribhuvana keerthi ras 1 td af Surasadi thailam external application

Allergic rhinitis.... Needs pathological investigation and PNS x-ray to evaluate the cause.

Steam inhalation with turmeric Tab septilin 2bd, chywanprash, Anutail nasya

Laxmi Vilas ras nadariya Asthbindu tail nasya Sitopaladi churan with honey

Rx Tuberculinum 1m/3dose once in week Ars.alb30/tds

shad bindu tail nasya regularly,,with laxmi vilas rasa,and harira khand..and advise him/ her to avoid constipation necessarily..and chitrakadi vati 1 b.d. more..

Avoid dairy products like curd milk ghrita. Avoid day time sleeping, cold water and AC. Use boiled water. Use shunti water.

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