Respected curofian I am sharing a beautiful case A girl age 22 unmarried Menses__18 days interval, without pain, first two days profuse,list 7 days LEUCORRHOEA__white , albuminous,thin,since 10years Breast__both are painful with lump in right and three small cyst on left Since 3 mounth pain during pressure and jurk,size and shape are normal, nipples are normal Constipation__heard she passes stool in a week Sleep__insomnia since 3 mounth Tongue __black sported in margin longitudinal fissure in centre Appetite__poor Like __vegitable,salty, SPIECY, summer season,dark room Always inhalation of nepthalin ball Dislikes__nonveg,milk,or milk products , winter season, sweets Fear__wall leazords Perspiration__from palm, head, Habit__nail biting, Coryza always,thin,some time thick, with headache Located on brigma Privius illness,__hematuria with burning in urine ago 3 mounth,but naw she has no Complain Falling if hair Physical getup__lean and thin,flat chested Please Rx



It is tubercular diathesis . First give stannum met 200. One dose. Follow with pulsatilla after four to ten days depending on fresh symptoms

Aswagandhadi chu plus satavaryadi chu with dasamoolarista bid .balaswagandhadi kujambu for stana mardana .triphala chu 100gm yasti chu 20gm tankana chu 5gm mix equally with one spoon of it make decoction and gauge cloth 10 inch soaked in this kept it in vagina thought night

Lucoriya N 18 days cycle due to Animia( Racktalpata ) low HB No.1. Bangbhasm 10 GM Giloysatva20 GM Kuktandav bhasma10 Kantlouh bhasma10 mandur bhasma10 Sodhit subhara bhasma 10 GM Tribangbhasm 10 GM Pushynug churn 60 GM Aswagandha churn 60 GM mixed up N 500 mg with honey BD Ashokarist Drakshasaw Patrangasaw lodharasaw Kumari asaw Dashmoolarista mixed-up N 30 ml mixed warm water BD.

@Dr. Md Shahbaz Ali Sir! This malnourished, underweight and anaemic girl is full of Mental Symptoms. Just probe into her Mind. More over she needs to be investigated by a Gynaecologist and Endocrinologist before giving any remedy.

Stan. Met 200 single dose followed by puls. Agree with @Dr. Venkatesh K. N. SIR

1 cap L 7 two bd 2 supari pak one tea spon two time daily 3 tab gandhak rasayan vati two bd 4 sheikh Pachan churan one tea spon ate night 5 ointment surfaz sn use effectively part only

NAT mur alternate sepia!

It's case of DUB with PMS Premenstrual syndrome Refer her to gynecologist for correction of DUB R/o LH ,FSH, PRL, usg abd,for pcod,TSH Early menses v oligomenorrhea v leucorea can be managed by doing above investigation

Nice Case presentation @Dr. Md Shahbaz Ali sir.... Good Luck....

Get eyes dm chkd give one dose of naph....miasm is TUBERCULAR

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