respected vaidays is an overview of pituitary hormones.. how nasya therapy is beneficial in maintaining hormonal imbalance.. share your clinical experiences




In Ayurveda Nasya have great importance... As one shloka explains "Nasa hi Shiraso Dwaram" So, for urdhwa jatrugata roga Nasya can give excellent results..... @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir, @Dr. Yogesh Jatav sir waiting for your input

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir, Dear @Roshni R .... An excellent thought and one of the best question arising in our mind during graduation but it is very difficult to assess the mode of action of Nasya karma in Hormonal imbalances , we can try to co relate but the acceptance is acc. to our knowledge. Really a tough question to answer .... How the movement of qualities of Sneha dravya could be assessed by Macro / Micro parameters of Modern Science ?

Dear Dr. Roshni R, According to Ayurveda nashyam is beneficial for urdhva jatrugat Riga. It means it works on maintaining hormonal imbalance.

Very nice post and very simple way to learn abt different kind of hormone...thanks for sharing mam.

Good information!

Nice post mam

Dear @Roshni R, 'Naasayam praneeyamanamoushadham nasyam' 'Naso hi shiraso dwaram' As Nasyakarma is mainly told for Urdwajatrugata rogas by our great Acharyas it will surely help to maintain the imbalance of hormones secreted by Pituitary(Peeyusha granthi)gland which is situated in uttamanga(Shiras). But to share my experience i've no much clinical experience by treating the hormonal imbalance pts through nasyakarma(treated other diseases like shirashoolas, ardita, apabahuka,pakshaghata,khalitya, phalitya etc.many other diseases) I request our respected Vaidyas to share their clinical experience in this aspectDr. M V Subramanyam sir, Dr. Aditi Mangsuli ,Dr. Mugdha kulkarni, and all others, panchakarma experts to share your experience.

Dear @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir it's good shloka nasa hi shiraso dwaram,and very usful

Nice post doctor.

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. good post.

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