Respected vaidyas(doctors) treating a patient of urticaria last

Respected Vaidyas(Doctors) Treating a patient of urticaria last one month As earlier found he was regular facing throat allergy Sometimes Pratamak (kind of allergic cough) No mucus And acidity along with lil bit constipation Now all that is cured with ayurvedic yog As given Avipatikar With arogya vardhani vati And shit pitantak loh As pitt nashak medicine Still urticaria is disturbing daily Most of the time occurs at night Some where in midnight Kindly suggest the Ayurvedic treatment for the same

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Dear sir for urticaria Haridra khanda Sutashekhar rasa thrice with honey Rasa sindur Urtiplex Arogyavardhini vati twice with water Khadirarishta Kaishoora guggulu thrice with water Garlic 5 grains with water or honey

Haridara Khanda 1 tsf with milk bd & Avipattikar churna 1 tsf with water and Alarsex 2 tds (Charak) Pathya apathya should be taken care Review after 1 month

Thanks sir actually forgot to write already giving haridra khand

Nidana parivarjana...Avoid main causes.. Many of skin diseases occur by viruddha ahara-improper food habit,like milk with sore fruits..abhishyadi ahara-The food which causes the shroto avarodha-which blocked the channels... So first have to avoid main causes& -mentain good habits... Shodhana is the dirty cloth won't hold the proper color,but the colour on the white clean cloth reflect very that human body first we have to remove toxins from the diseased body...then after purification oral medications are still more effective... Panchakarma Virechana is the best for Skin diseases,Urdwaga Amlapitta-Acidity and constipation Virechana Snehapana with -Mahatiktaka ghrita(will also cures the constipation) Abhynga with- Nimbadi taila Virechana with- Trivrit Avaleha( as pt complaints of constipation) Orally Tab.Nimbadi guggulu 1 TID Tab.Arogyavardhini Vati 1 BD Syp.Khadirarista 2tsf TID Avipattikara churna 1tsf with buttermilk at bed time..

Rx - gandhak rasayan 2 bd - arogyavardhni vati 2 nd - kamdudha rasa 1 bd - avipatikar ch 1 tsf hs - khadirarishta 4 tsf bd wid equal water - haridrakhand 1/2 tsf bd Adv - virechanam wid mahatiktak ghrita as a snepanam

I think pt s paittika n nature ,advice avoid pitta vardhaga ahara vikaras, manjistadi ks 15 ml bd, kamaduga ras 2 bd, avipathi chooranam 1tsp hs, aana manjistadi keram for head × 1 month i t will give good result dr

Asana manjistadi keram

Ras manikya+gandhak rasayan+bakuchi churna +chopchinyadi churna bd Aarogyavardhini vati 2bd Kaishore guggule 2bd Panchtikta ghrit Cap tiktamrit 2bd Pathyadi kashay at bed time Haridrakhand 1tsf bd

Pitta janit vyadhi lakhsna, since it's pitta sanchya kala n vat prakop kala so the symptoms in their aggravated forms. Often skin diseases precipitate respiratory problems n vice versa. So first u give virechana wid trivita leha daily fr 7 days Then haridrakhand Avipattikar Trikatu churna Haritaki churna wid honey 2-3 times daily fr 1month

As well described above and seen in photos, the swarup of the lakshanas directs towards involvement of Kapha. The patient was also having throat complaints and the symptoms are more at night which is also Kapha dominant. If Laghuvaman can be tried, u should go for that. Haridra Khand, Laxmivilaas Ras, Guluchyadi Kashayam, Tankan bhasma with Mahasudarshan churna, will prove beneficial. Also try for Virechan for the removal of aggravated Pitta..

Thanks Dr prasad Yes the prakruti is pitta and kapha

1.brihat haridra khanda 1tsp bd 2.cap-urtiplex 1tid Gandhak rasayana 2bd 4.nimbamritasava 20ml bd with equal quantity of water 5.urtiplex lotion for external application

Sir, Can use haridra khanda granules... This Gives result in urticaria nd also manages respiratory allergies too...

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