Respiratory Disorders & COVID-19 - Latest Updates

COVID‐19 ARDS is a predictable serious complication of COVID‐19 that requires early recognition and comprehensive management. Please read some updates on this COVID-19 complication and share your insights.....



Post covid respiratory complications like ILD lung fibrosis atelactesis or unresolved pneumonia present long followups and management of 02 saturation and cough as commonly observed even after couple of months of recovery. Hence good plans suggested Head mount C pep or PEEP are good supportive treatment along with rest of supportive treatment also investigate pulmonary functions and hrct and xrays

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Post covid complications particularly fibrosis or unresolved pneumonia and disturbance in blood chemistry and cough is common. Few covid virus Infection recovered past due to some cardiovascular diseases. No agencies is engaged in finding the post covid recovery complications neither any research going on because no summary of research paper publiced in any magzine. We are once again fighting with corona pandemic which is touching new heights after mutations and covid vaccination . No regular follow up for covid virus recovered pt.

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