Respiratory Follow-Up of Patients with COVID-19 - A Study

Many individuals experience persistent symptoms and a decline in health-related quality of life (HRQoL) after COVID-19 illness. There is an unprecedented surge in hospitalised patients with viral pneumonia. With the pattern of thoracic imaging abnormalities and growing clinical experience, it is envisaged that interstitial lung disease and pulmonary vascular disease are likely to be the most important respiratory complications. Please share your experiences with post-COVID lung sequelae........



Nice updates ,post covid follow up and treatment especially required for those who show persistent respiratory symptoms and hypoxia.

Post Covid care and management also very important aspect of therapy .One more protocol is required for treatment and management after discharge from Covid hospital .How he will managed ? What are the guidelines?

Thank you Doctor

Useful information

Arsenic album 200 Bryonia Alba 200

Nice information useful information sir...

In post civid complications of lung I suggest Carbo veg 200 one or two doses with yoga and healthy diet habits can be helpful

Ginger pomegranat es lime juice and alkaline diet help

Some thing new to learn in post covid pts of persistant cough breathlessness or DOE as studies shown decrease diffusion lung capacity of carbon monoxide could be the reason of fibrosis and decrease vital capacity Yes spirometry and long followup is necessary beside relevant supportive treatment for fibrosis ie antifibrotic drugs and steroids

Thanx dr Narendra Kumar

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