Rheumatic Heart Disease - Clinical Presentation & Diagnosis

Rheumatic heart disease is a major burden in developing countries where it causes maximum cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in young people. Acute rheumatic fever is the precursor to rheumatic heart disease. ARF can lead to irreversible valve damage and heart failure. Mitral valve incompetence is the most common valvular lesion in patients with rheumatic heart disease, particularly in early stages. Mitral stenosis usually develops later. A transthoracic echocardiogram is sensitive and specific for detection of rheumatic heart disease.




As we know ARF LEAKS KNEES AND BITES THE HEART yes RHD are a measure disease burden on developing countries where not only economically but socially also affected Most common streptococcal infection in childhood from URTI to tonsilitis treated casually as neither pt or pts attendant are worried of completing the course of antibiotics nor service provider is taking pain to explain the consequences of improper and incomplete treatment SOB and ANAEMIA are most common presenting symptoms there too neither investigated deeply nor heart complication are considered rather superficially approached ie giving iron or multivitamins Here my concern is scientific approach to fever with artheralgia specifically in todlers to adulthood Auscaltation can provide many signs like murmurs and thrilling upbeats third sound or split heart sound supported by ECG and 2decho Yes penicillin and now recent derivatives like piperacillin are effective to radically treat streptococcal infections

Rheumatic hear disease very common in low socioeconomic circles. Streptococcal tonsillitis leading rheumatic heart disease , glomerulonephritis and rheumatic polyarthritis . In penidural 300,000 I.m. ASO titre to monitor streptococcal infection

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