RTA cae - What do you see?

X ray of a patient with RTA. The vehicle hit the side bumper and the patient was ‘thrown around’ in the car. Patient who self-extricated complained of right hip/groin pain, left sided neck pain, limping to toilet and back. All stable vital signs and no wounds. What do you see?



1.Public ramus fracture inferiorly. 2. Downward shifting of left SI joint causing SI dysfunction and limping. 3. Right sided SI joint ligaments may be sprained and there may be compression injury and soft tissue injury.

A person who can walk to toilet and back - process that there is no major fracture and there is no unstable pelvis fracture There is left inferior ramus of pubic bone fracture It is undisplaced fracture It should resolve with conservative treatment

Fracture of inferior pubic rami No wt bearing Rest Pelvic traction See other pelvicinjuries with ct if any. See signs of bladder and urethral damage There is diastasis of pubic symphysis.

Left pubis bone inf. Rani # S-I jt. Disruption Asis rt side doubtful

#Left inferior pubic rami seen

# Left inferior pubic. Rami seen Needs further investigation and evaluation. CT pelvis advisable to conclude and treatment plan.

Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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There is clear fracture of inferior pubic rami on left with disruption of right sacroiliac joint. Better to consult Orthopedic surgeon

# inferior rami pubic bone

Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Pubic fracture, inferior pubic rami ,,bilateral CT

Left inferior public rami # Rt sacroiliac joint disruption Doubtful posterior wall acetabulum # Take CT pelvis

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