SCC metastasis

A 72 y/o male had a history of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin in the left upper chest area. Surgical resection was done but after one-month metastatic lesion in the lower neck was noted with lymph node swelling. Surgical resecton was done. No chemotherapy or radiation therapy was done. Should we go for it?




Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma usually usually does not show any metastasis but may metastatise to the local or regional lymph nodes with poor prognosis. Treatment depends upon staging, block dissection of neck gland in necessary parotidectomy or with simple parodictemy followed by chemotherapy or radiation or both .

Thanks Sr Shivraj Agarwal.

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Metastasis Needs surgical intervention followed by RADIOTHERAPY or chemotherapy . Reassessment and evaluation required to conclude before surgical intervention. Constant evaluation and regular monitoring advised.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy improves recurrence free survival But patient general condition, comorbidities need to be assessed before starting on chemo and radiation

I think radiotherapy/ Chemo are only alternates. Though Oncosuegeons are right authority to advice about.

Chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy should be followed

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

In painful Condtn-Rajvallabh Ras. Cancer is Kaphapradhan Vyadhi-so Kapha shodhan Chikitsa and dravyas need to be used

Targeted Radiotherapy and chemotherapy in combination is further options...

Modified radical neck dissection followed by chaemo radiation


Yes, In my opinion it requires both chemotherapy and radiation and consultation with onchomedicine

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