Second opinion urgently required. Please help me. A 78 years old man suddenly felt vertigo With tendency to fall right side. All of on a sudden right side of the body become numb and sluggish speech.Vomiting of brown colored liquid. Suddenly he has taken to medical college and admitted in the ICU.Further investigation revealed that he has Acute intra paranchymal hematoma in left capsulo ganglionic region with intra ventricular hemorrhage, mass effect, etc.He is not fit for surgery or the medical college authorities give only supportive treatment.He has pneumonia also.In this circumstances the patient' s relatives approach me for second opinion. The relevant records attached herewith. Please help me.



Arnica Also give causticum

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Arnica 1m and pituitarinum 200

Need immediate surgery Prognosis will be very poor coz already there is midline shift

brain haemorrhage-Arnica,natrum sulph,Trillium


It is a case of STROKE, probably, due to HYPERTENSION. Prognosis may be POOR.

But we should cure a patient

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Lachesis? Trillium?

Thank you Dr.

Arnica is anti haemorrhagic medicine

Thank you Dr

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Try to give him arnica 1m and watch keep on life support

Thank you Sir
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