severe pain,severe itching, suggest diagnosis and treatment



Eczema Adv- there is a tendency to reccur control of itch scratch cycle Prevention of contact with provoking factors ( dust, cement, sand, stagnant water) Tr - Topical Steroid Oral antibiotics Maintenance - regular review Topical Steroid to be continued for a longer period

Rule out DM

Eczematous dermatitis with secondary infection

Contact- anklets

Infected Eczematous Dermatitis Oral antibiotics, steroid, antiinflammatory antihistaminic Local steroid +antibiotic

Eczematous dermatitis with secondary infection ..give oral antibiotics & topical steroids continue ...

Infected eczema. Oral Antibiotics, Oint. Tacroz, Analgesics and antihistamics say cetrizine.

Eczematos condition treat with antibiotics&antihistamin..&moringo nutrimox caps

Contact -amulets might have caused dermititis with eczema

ezematous dermatitis with sec infection

Eczema treat with moringo nutrimax caps

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