she is having disc bulge problem.after giving treatment she wl be comfortable.but night she s geting too much pain.can all of u suggest teatment plz



Sir its case of degenrative disc disease due loss of fluid in out layer of intervertebral disc. Causitive factor.. Mechanical stress Minor injury Menopause Osteophyte Other factors Sponndylysis Symptom.. Pain during twisting, sitting, banding, lifting etc. Tt.. Trayodashang gugglu vati 1bd or tds. Aroigyavardhani vati tab 1bd or tds wd warm water. Ashwagandhadi choorna bd 1tbspn wd luke warm milk Dashmoola ristha 10 ml bd wd same quantity of water. Balatail or mahamasha tail or mahanarayana tail... Kati vastiand massage.

what is dashmoola ristha means

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Kati Basti with Mahanarayan Taila + Karpuradi tailam Maha Yograj Guggulu 1 tab BD Triphala Guggulu 1tab BD Rhumalaya Tab 1 BD Local application of Rhumalaya Gel SOS Rasna Saptak Kashaya 20ml BD with equal quantity of water Avipattikar Churna 5gm + Maha vata Vidhwansaka Rasa 100mg BD with equal quantity of water

Dr.Ranjan Kumar sir, her bed always uses blacket on bedsheet for warm, light meals, no conctypetion ,Mahayograj guggul 1 BD, Yogarajguggul 1 BD, Singhanad guggul 1 BD, Triphala guggul 1 BD, Lakshadi guggul 1 BD, Sutsekhar Ras 2 BD, Maharasandi quath 30 ml, costeroil10 ml mixed N BD.

Thanks,Dr.Ranjan Kumar sir.

Kati vasti by prasarni tailm Tab trifla guggul 2bd Tab arogyavardini 2bd Tab gokshuradi guggul 2bd Lakshadi ghrit 2tsf bd with Luke warm water

thank u sir

Agnikarma has good results. Orally,Lumbatone soft gel caps-2bd,ashwagandharishtha+balarishta-3tsp wd warm water,kaishora guggulu-1tid wd honey,limiron granules wd warm milk n dhanwantara+kb taila for thrice daily.

Ma'am, Please share some post regarding Agni Karma in such cases....

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Rx s m y guggulu bid Myostal fort tab Myostal lineament extl Rasnerandadi kashyam bed time Bed rest is imp

First you have to place the disc in correct position, then do marma therapy Lepana with marma gulika Punarnavasavam + Mahayogaraj guggulu bid Choorna pinda swedam for 7days Two day matra vasti then one vaitharana vasti

lepana with marma gulika

Hello Dr Ranjan Kumar ji When we r treating disc bulge we want tell the sitting,standing and laying postures . In that case flat bed and laying time put one pillow below the knee joint with this posture we will get good relief. Panchakarma therapies like kativasti,Patrapottali swedam,yoga basti, pizhichill will give good results.......

Absolutely ryt sir

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Rhus Tox 1m

Sir first advice panchKarma done by experts which include snehan sevadan Kati basti and asap nirhuha basti with physio therapy Yograj guggul thrice daily Aswagangha churns 5gm daily with milk vatanashak Kadha two times daily water Boston granules two daily

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