Sir can healing be delayed if i give abgel alveogyl immediately after tooth extraction



Abgel and alveogyl , from what I know are 2 different entities with relatively different indications. Abgel.. if applied for that symptomatic indication would benefit, Whereas alveogyl I don't see any immediate indication post extraction. However this being said, natural healing should never be disturbed with any drugs so best would be to leave it on it's own as suggested by others.

Thank you doctor

Healing is a natural process...but few factors may be delay the proces . Like imunnity .. system diseases .. Oral hygiene.. In case of traumatic socket may use topical gels .. othewise no need of all this ..

Let the wound be healed naturally doc...unless he is immunocompromised person

Thank you doctor

Generally as per me no need to give any topical for normal extraction. if normal extraction no need .only for dry socket needed

Thank you doctor

Just leave as it is till its symptomatic