Sir Can rct access opening be done in acute severe pain in teeth and which drug is prescribed dor


Acute severe pain sometime may be due to infective inflammation. So when opening to be made may flare up the infection. So my personal opinion is better to give a prophylactic antibiotic course along with anti inflammatory or pain killers prior to this procedure. I'm not a dentist so may be my answer is not upto the mark. Let's see opinions from dentists.

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Yes you can always do an emergency access opening in case of severe pain under antibiotic fact after extipation of the pulp and proper irrigation of the root canal will subside the pain.

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Yes one can do access opening in acute pain. First always check the cause of pain abcess or pulpitis. Antibiotics have not much role in root canals unless pt is having abscess, swelling and pyrexia. Analgesic best is ketorolac DT You can prescribe NSAIDs also. But always chk the medical history of pt

Obviously yes For Acute Severe pain The Emergency Access opening works like Miracle for patient but it needs quite a lot skills in dentist to handle it as for vital tooth most of the time Local anaesthesia may not 100% numb the tooth pulp and even after access opening its difficult to remove infected pulp tissue if they are extremely sensitive to touch , intra canal anaesthetic may be used or pulp devitalizer shoupd be used in that case , for non vital tooth open dressing can be given after access opening

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Yes you can but you may need intraligamentary n intrapulpal anasthesia if regular block will not work effeively

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