Sir in what dose amoxyclav,metrogyl,painkiller use in severe toothache of 4 year child



Amoxiclav 20-30 mg/kg Metrogyl20-30 mg/kg Ibuprofen 5 mg/kg

Thanks dr.Mukul agrawal

As per Body wt Ibuguprofen 10mg/ kg , Metronidazole 10mg/kg , Amoxyclav 15mg /kg

Amoxyclav ki 1/4 metrogyl ki 1/3,painkiller ki 1/2

Not less that 5ml in any child less than 10yrs of age

Amoxyclav syrup 5ml - BD metrogyl syrup 5ml - BD Combiflam syrup 5ml - SOS please do consult the pediatrition of the child and also take info regarding any allergy to any medication. Good luck

Clavam forte dry syr 5 ml twice Ibugesic plus syr 5 ml thrice Metronidazole syr. 5 ml twice daily

1) Metronidazole Syr 5ml twice a daily 2) clavam forte dry Syr .5ml twice a daily 3) combiflam Syr .5ml twice a daily

Amoxiclav 228.5 mg bid Metronidazole 200mg bid Ibuprofen 200mg bid

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