Skin Biopsy Suspected Fungal infection or Tubercular infection


Granulomatous pathology

Epidermal hyperplasia associated with suppurative and granulomatous inflammation. BLASTOMYCOSIS.

Sir Typical granulomas not seen There is Epithelial Hyperplasia and abundant mixed inflammatory cell infiltrate in dermis Blood vessel proliferation Requested for AFB and PAS Will post the same after getting slides Thank you Sir......

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Any important gomeri methamine silver stain... Sir??

Because suppurative inflammation may also caused by bacterial and mycobacterial and fungal..... Necrotizing skin lesion with vasculitis and granuloma.... Can be seen aspergillosis mucormycosis and fusarium infection.. Also consider with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia.. Pas... Gms... Afb... Mucicarmine... And PCR... thanks sir..

Section not clear. Possibly chronic granulomatous inflammation aimflammation