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b"Patient \nMsg\nPast complaints: \nSir , mujhe 7-8 salo se headache and vomiting ka problem hai, I have migraine from last 7 to 8 years , it got severe with attacks from last 4 years, \nIt's nature was frequent and chronic for few months and now the frequency of attacks is low\nPreviously, No of attacks :10 to 14 in a month, and duration was around 7 to12 hrs \nNow No of attacks : 3-5 in a month and duration less than 6 hours\nHeadache starts at night during sleep and sometimes in afternoon\n\nMene allopathic, homoeopathic treatment and wheat grass treatment se lii thi 3 years ago\n \n3 years ago me chair pe baithne gayi and tab mere friend ne wo chair piche kiya so me tabhi girr gyi thi due to which I got pain in the lower back , and it got diagnosed as Lumbar Lysis\n\nMujhe first lockdown mein severe vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiency hui thi , because of which I suffered fatigueness, breathlessness with low levels of Oxygen . \n\nFirst lockdown ke December mein , I suffered severe nerve pains in the my hands , after some weeks I developed severe nerve pain in whole right leg, neck pain, back pain, \nWas unable to write or perform tasks due to it , \nLater, numbness and tingling was observed in the whole right side body \nAfter the doctor's diagnosis, it was Right sided Radiculopathy\n\n2021 ke start se mera back region especially lower back bahut immobile hua hai , bending se pain hota hai \nJune -july month ke around se stomach pain start hua tha, \nThe nature of this stomach pain is sudden like lightning, without warning. \nAll day nausea rehne laga hai , fullness after eating anything light or heavy, nausea after eating anything, pain the mid and lower back after lunch or dinner, abdomen ke upper right side par lump feel hota hai . \n3 -4 times blood after the stool passed or sometimes on the stool \nDarkish brown Black stool was observed 4 times \nThese symptoms come and Go \n*Persistent complaint - nausea*"




Berberis aquifolium Q 15 drops three times

Yes nodular acne go with isotretonin for at least five months once a day after meal


Acne vulgaris Dermatitis secondary Skin lesions Cystic multiform seen Dermatitis?

Acne vulgaris

Beberis vulgaris-30

Acne vulgaris

Going through the story It looks she is a c/o PIVD and stiff back with radiculopathy Needs MRI LS region As per her narrative she recieved NSAIDS which has caused sed chr Gastritis sos peptic ulcer which she feel like lump and whenever gastric bleeds she sees dark coloured stool bcz the of Malena She is a c/o migraine as well Her pictures are showing she has ACNE VULGARIS as well She needs detail investigation like endoscopy and CBC esr and bsl USG abdomen Sos MRI brain urineR As well MRI LS region to confirm root pain of spinal canal stenosis So to sum up we need to work on her

Thanx dr Jitender Saini

Acne grade 4 Look for hb, vit b12, ultra tsh. Start with cap doxy 100mg for 15 days od Night application of fudic cream Sun screen cream or lotion 3 times. DERMADEW SOAP for facewash. Follow up after 15 days.

Your Problem is a.Acne Vulgaris. b.Seborrhoic dermatitis. C.dehydration. d.depression,Stress and Anxiety. Rx.Hydration. iv fluid infusion, antibiotics,immune booster. Respiratory Stimulents. Tranquilizers. Hormone Suppliments and Balance. Over counterdrugs. Clindomycin gel.o.d. Physiotherapy. All medication are under gradual and time intervals..Stress free base.

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