Skin lesions & joint pains

54/y/o with lesions on elbow joint that gets normal by application of topical steroids and then resurfaces once the patient stops using it. From past 2 years there is also pain in elbow joint that is surrounded by this lesion. No associated itching or burning but mild pain is present Appetite normal Bowel incomplete evacuation Urine normal Prakriti pitta vata



Dx Psoriasis It is an auto immune disorder, affecting many systems one of them is joints. Needs to be treated internally. In Homoeopathy, we give Individualistic constitutional treatment which cures Psoriasis permanently. And it never comes back, as the action of Homoeopathic medicines is immunomodulatory. Also patient's quality of life gets improved. About Ayurvedic approach, fellow Doctor's shall be able to assist you.

Thank you Dr. @Bharat B Madha , Dr. @Siya Ram , Dr. @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty

Agree with Dr Twaraji. Avoid salty, sour, junk, fermented and packed food. Cutisora oil for local application. Tab.Cutisora 2-0-2. Tab.Arogyavardhini 2-0-2. Avipattikar churna 2-3gms with lukeworm water at bedtime.

Flaxseed oil for pain cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval boiled diet beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri pomegranates if lesion is not injury then only multani mitti with rose water and turmeric powder alkaline diet

सोमराजी तैल लगाने से लाभ होगा। कैशोर गुगल 2 वटी सुबह शाम जल से सेवन कराएं। त्रिफला चूर्ण 10 ग्राम रात को सोते समय दूध में मिलाकर नियमित रूप से सेवन कराएं। योग परिक्षित है। पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

psoriasis..... Before saman chikitsa...adv. for completely shodhan chiktsa specialy Virechan......Then start...Ay.medicine Gandhak rasayan Aarogyvardhini vati kaishore guggul 777 oil. for LA mahamanjisthadi kada Aerand tail + milk virechan at. night

It's Psoriasis.....first of all shodhan chiktsa .... Tab. Gandhak rasyan vati Arogyavardhini vati Manjishta vati.. Kaishore guggllu... Avoid junk and spicy foods...

Dx psoriasis... constitutional medicine required in this type of cases... Ask to do not eat Fermented, salty, sweetish , oily food , drink planty of water Ask to stay free from stress...

Psoriasis Kaishore guggulu Aarogyavardhi vati Manjisthadi kwath Panch tikta guggulu ghrita 777oil for local application Followed by shodhan karma


Kaishor Guggulu Pancha Tikta Ghrita Guggulu Arogyavardhini Vati Gandhak Rasayan Avippatikar Churna

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