small round Ball like appearance in Beck in 7 yr old male child, what is ur diagnosis nd tt plan..??




Cervical lymphadenopathy, Adv. FNAC, usg local part

adv usg neck & fnac cbc esr m.t.

Lesion start from neck nd extend to shoulder

In this area no lymph node enlargement

Cervical lymphadinopathy May be TB, most common Needs FNAC from the swelling, ultrasound, Biopsy of the nodes be needed if FNAC is inconclusive.

do fnac first

Lymph node Enlargement...... CERVICAL Adv.....FNAC & USG for cervical

Cervical lymphnode enlargement. Advice: Usg local part followed by FNAC

??Cervical lymphadenopathy ???carotid body tumor

These are probably cervical lymphadenopathy detail examinations and proper history is needed fnac and relevant investigations will give clue to illness

Thanx dr Vedprakash Sharma
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