Snoring with Diabetes

43 year male C/o high snoring at night Snoring increases with use of alcohol Snoring is very loud and more towards early morning Alcoholic since 15 years Smoking -yes Diabetes- Yes, On Rx Hypertension-no Appetite,thirst- normal Desire- spicy Aversion- no Stool- constipated Urine-normal He is mentally restless, talkative working in central government as clerk Fear of dark, height Likes company Revengeful Introvert Suggest treatment doctor

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Ask the patient to change the lifestyle particularly to get rid off loud snoring first of all he needs to stop alcohol and sugar levels should be under control. Ask the patient to maintain sleep timing and advice sleep hygiene Ask the patient to sleep at head raised position or side way position Improve any nasal congestion if present by either sinol or nasarsha taila from Kottakkal nasal drops Ashwagandha tab 2 tds or stresscom cap 1 tds Pancharavinda churna from Aushadhi pharmacy (I think) 5 gms mixed with Manasamitra vati at bed time

Guava grapes figs dates,to balance hormones pomegranates... with walnuts blue berries sunshine ginger walk, cherries, every morning a glass full of fresh orange juice with mint leaves.... Mint leaves with food also,no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods, beetroot, coriander juice.... pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri green leafy vegetables drumstick soup needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice hidden secrets confused....cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval

Advise not to take alcohol , daily exercise, should Control sugar level and take healthy diet . Nux vom may be helpful

खर्राटों का अभी तक कोई उचित इलाज नही है।

Nux LM

Find out cause of snoring..if DNS then cows ghee 2 drops in each nostril..good results..

Nux vomica 1 M monthly × 3 dose

Lemma m

Rx Nux vomica 200bd/3dys

Kamana minor,Hippozinium never fail.

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