Suspected PUV in a 8 months foetus

Sorry for sending the irrelevant part of the USG report fir my previous case. Here’s the remaining part.Actually I am badly distressed.Please suggest. Thanks



Possible Posterior Urethral Valve . Mild to moderate hydronephrosis. No need for any intervention now . 36 weeks gestation already over . US can be repeated once a week and bladder size can be checked. If urine accumulation in bladder is increasing and back pressure changes are increasing, percutaneous needle aspiration of urine from fetal bladder is feasible. This will temporarily reduce pressure on the kidneys and buy time .. US for the child after birth and URO opinion suggested.

Thanks. The consiutant has asked for a review USG on tuesday and she may either induce labour or go for CS.

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Dont worry sir, this is not an uncommon or very serious issue. Once the baby is born, you should start Trimethoprim prophylaxis and normal newborn care. Get an ultrasound Urinary tract preferably after 3 days of age. If ultrasound shows similar findings without ureter dilatation then further investigations can be done at 1 month age, If ureter dilatation or increasing AP diameter noted, then MCUG should be performed sooner and if PUV is confirmed then Urosurgeons can take care of it. Not a major surgery. Outcome is favorable, very minimal risk of morbidity in PUV management but surgeons would be the best people to guide you in this regard.

Thanks a lot for your immensely consoling advice.

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