Spontaneous pneumothorax

A 33-year-old male patient with spontaneous pneumothorax, aspiration attempted with good results in ER, however, complications developed seen in consecutive pictures. What could have happened, how could this have been avoided - if at all, and what next?

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Series of xray chest 1st shows spontaneous pneumothorax on rt side 2nd xray is presenting spontaneous pneumothorax with central subclavian lines Rest successive xray shows progressive pleural effusion in rt lower zone Yes we must look for cause of spontaneous pneumothorax Treat pleural effusion conservatively withith diagnostic tap

Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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Rt sided pneumothorax noted. Progressive pleural effusion and underlying basal collapse is seen. Possibly trauma during air aspiration. Surprisingly no air fluid level seen.

Rt sided tension pneumothorax. Pt developed pleural effusion. It's a routine & known complication. Pl investigate the cause of pneumothorax. Hrct will help.plus culture of BAL.for bacterial/ pulmonary tuberculosis will decide the future course of management

Extending plural effussion caused collapse... ? Pneumothorax is vizualized.

Pneumothorax. Hydro pneumo thorax ? Heamothorax ? Iatrogenic ?? Infected

Traumatic hemothorax following needle aspiration for pneumothorax

this can be treated with sitopaladi choorna, and yogic breathing exercises.

right sided pneumothorax pleural effusion

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