Spot diagnosis....A young male aged 25 years, Difficulty in opening mouth, pain,and burning sensation in mouth since 6 months, ... Chronic tobacco and beetle chewer... Management of the case


Case of OSMF Measure initial mouth opening inter incisally Tab SM fibro OD 3 months Tab AtoZ BD Injection hylinase+Dexona+LA once a week alternate side Physiotherapy/Mouth opening Avoid too hit and spicy food Stop all habits Pt education and motivation very important Continue treatment for 8-10 weeks Reanalize mouth opening All the best

Also add antibacterial mouthwash after meals. First proceed with medicines .. Review later can move to injection therapy

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stop beetlenut chewing and tobacco in any form inj hydrocortisone inj hyruldase inj xylocaine intr lesionally

case of Osmf...1st stopage of habit avoid spicy food,multivitamin,hyrdrocortisone inj or tblt 25 mg in dose of 100 mg per day, antioxidant ..lycopene

local application of kenacort gel 3,4 times a day

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submucosa fibrosis of soft palate

warm water gargles.NSAIDs. convince to quit tobacco

Oral submucosal fibrosis

Arching of soft palate with bud shaped uvula....lycopene 8mg

Submucosal fibrosis,treat with antioxidant hylas local infiltration,symtomatic

Osmf... quit the habit,oral prophylaxis,chlorohexidine mouth wash,sm fibro(lycopene,antioxidants) bd ..rexidine forte ointment

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