Spot diagnosis and management. A known case of COPD with recurrent exacerbations, on Corticosteroids, rotocaps and he is chronic smoker too.



Oral Candidiasis... Avoid any steroid inhalers like budecort etc... if inhaler is necessary do use spacers or use nebulizer instead.. Stop oral steroids Stop smoking.. By the snaps oral hygiene is so poor.. needs A Good dental overall... Cap.Itracanazole 100mg bid for 2 weeks Candid mouth paint tds before meal Amlexanox gel tds aftet meal Multivitamin syp bid Tab.Ribamipid 100mg bid if ulcerative lesions in mouth.. Ppi to prevent GERD if any... If too painful add Nsaids..

Oral candidiasis... Poor oral hygiene.. Advice ultrasonic scaling...and Mouth wash. Stop smoking habit.. Local application of Candid is helpful... Check nutritional status...and give multivitamins.. and also check any sharp cusp.. Regards...

Thanks Dr Bhati

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oral thrush aka candidiasis.d/t excessive use of corticosteriods.. t/t oral antifungals vitamin bcomplex syrup , maintain mouth hygiene, quit smoking .eat healthy foods..

Oral candidiasis due to steroid rota caps. Let the patient rinse the mouth after steroid inhalation.

Candida infection. Apply Candid Mouth paint.

Oral Candidiasis... Stop smoking, management of COPD but need to perform lung function test to define and confirm class of COPD... And thereby, treatment...

Oral candidiasis

Oral candidiasis

Common complication in pts on inhalational steroids.... Topical anti fungal to be used for 2-3 weeks.... Along with nutritional supplements

It is very tidious to manage COPD as you know smoking malnutrition old age nares show terbinate hypertrophy there would be emphysema also no Oral steroids ask the patient to have saline gargle maintain alkaline pH treatment as already suggested by our learned colleagues

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