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Apparently ONYCHOMYCOSIS Clotrimazole ointment Tab fluconazole 150mg biweekly Tab foristal1bd

Thanks Dr. Krishnan Pichumani, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Singh Dr. A Dutta, Dr Kute Ankush

Onychomycosis.. A nail fungus causing thickened, brittle, crumbly or ragged nails. Usually, the problems caused by this condition are cosmetic. Onychomycosis is caused by 3 main classes of fungi: dermatophytes, yeasts, and nondermatophyte molds. Dermatophytes are by far the most common cause of onychomycosis. Two major pathogens are responsible for approximately 90% of all onychomycosis cases.. tab.OD.x 4 weeks

Yes dystrophic onicomycosis Rx terbinafine oint twice daily Cap itracanazole200mg 1od Tab fexofenadine180mg 1od Keep followup

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Total Dystrophic Onchomycosis Tab. Terbinafine 250 mg OD x 12 weeks Amorolfine 5 % cream twice a day Advice personal hygiene

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Brittle nail suggestive of fungal infection . Oncomycosis . Treatment is terbinafine 250 mg OD *12 days .

DD Onychomycosis Psoriatic nail dystrophy

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Oncomycosis with?ANAEMIA ask for CBC ESR ,

White superficial Onychomycosis. R/O - DM.

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