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Allergic contact dermatitis patch testing

cigarette burn


Hello all answer is Dermatitis Artefacta due to induced suction. it is not due to any burns.cigarette burns are so small it will not lead to bullae formation. Her husband is good n not sadist. Thank you all for comments. stay tuned for next case.

may be prep for TATO mark by Marking but or by producing burn mark by blister with hot iron.1st one for traditional designing 2nd as counter irritant for arm pain .Let me know d real situation .

yes Dr. Amreen . she needs counselling that is best done none other than psychiatric docs. She is seeking attention / gain by doing this. Thanx for your query.

appears to be marks caused by treatment by a village healer by causing burns using a hot metal, as seen in many tribal communities

Hello Dr Ganesh sir, if it is so.....we can label it as munchausen syndrome ..... (attention seeking seekness)

cigarette burns,sadist husband,u can see the healed lesions too, please come with the diagnosis

I must thanku for the info sir..but jus brief out how r u gona manage it dermatologclly

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