sputum negative : HIV neg,sugar Norma x-ray 1month difference treated by antibiotics pyrexia since 1 month cachexic sent for Ada montoxtest 60 year age



It is evident that after Antibiotic therapy scan showed much improvement.LUZ now can be seen fibronodular lesions c heterogeneous opacities & transverse fissure midzone.Trachea almost centrally placed.Let ADA report come,if not suggested, do CBNAAT,CBC c ESR.In my opinion it may be a case of Chest infection c Sputum negative PTB

Thanks Dr Nandkishor Goyel

At 60 yrs age mx is not significant. With one month course of antibiotics non tb Infection should have cleared. It's better to start anti tuberculosis tt and to rule out can go for CT_ guided biopsy and brush biopsy

It looks like consolidation of lt upper lobe with cavity. Likely to be kochs. Of course malignancy has to be ruled out with bronchoscopic aspiration & study,

There is well dfined round opacity in 2 x Ray with cavities lower down , secondary infection is cleared up to a good extent. Probably ca lung adv CT guided biopsy & c/s

I agree

LUZ Koch's, with superinfection. To treat associated medical illness wo if at all.. diabetes mellitus, screen for HIV, see for past H/o similar illness , cold be partially red pul kochs, follow after starting ATT . If response in the form of increase in wt, decrease in sign and symptoms increase in appetite etc .. Continue att properly.follow

The lesions are cotton wool fluppy opacities in left upper and mid zones.underlying reticulatyiion and multiple thickwlled cavities. No evidence of collapse. No mediasttinal mass or displacement.The lesiions appears to be tubercuulous pneumonia as cleared by antibiiotics.residual lessions appears to be chrronic pulmonary kochs. Possibility of malignancy are remote. To be treated withanti koch's. Bronchoscopiic aspirated biopsy can connfirm final diagnosis.

Fibrocaecous lesions left upper lobe of the LUNG

consolidation left upper zone count sputum text will throw light.simultaneously broad spectrum antibiotic will further help.Fungal infection also to b kept in mind

sorry text shud b read as HRCT


Trial therapy with ATD may be started. Considering age and cachexia CT guided biopsy to exclude malignancy.

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