Stiffness of Arms & Legs

A 10 year old female child presents with stiffening of his arms and legs. Parents gave a history of weakness and tirdeness for 2 days. She had 1 episode of vomiting today. She has history of abdominal pain and lost 4 kg of weight in 3 months. All her physical examination is normal except for biochemical test which shows hypokalemia, hypochloremia, and hyperbicarbonatemia. What could be the cause for this stiffness?



Correct electrolyte imbalance first . I want to know about the status of serum sodium and calcium first . Hypokalemia due to vomiting can lead to metabolic alkalosis as kidney tend to retain potassium by throwing out h+ . Leading to alkalosis . Do renal function test . Correct dehydration n electrolyte imbalance .

It could happened due to electrolyte imbalance or Vomiting due to GIT disturbance, for stiffness do NCCT head,

Thanx@Dr. Soumya Hazra

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* worm infestation ** May be due to vomiting induced electrolytes imbalance Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment. Till reports complied. Correct electrolytes imbalance. Dewarming. Improve General health and personal hygiene. Avoid oily spicy and fast food. Symptomatic treatment if required.

Thanks Dr Rajinder Rai

Hypocalcemic tetany may be there Go for electrolytes n CT SCAN BRAIN

Patient complaint of vomitting n stiffness of arm n legs see for ct brain the cause or Calcium or vitamin deficiency Or Might be because of electrolyte imbalance

Hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis



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