Sudden pleuritic chest pain

Chief Complaint A 43-year-old male complained of breathlessness in the morning and the sudden pleuritic chest pain after 6 hours at work. He stated pain as 7 out of 10 in the starting and then 8 out of 10. History No PMH or family history. Vitals All vitals are normal. The patient is well oriented to time date and place. Investigations Chest x ray attached. Please comment.



Cardiomegaly B/L apical fibrosis Diffuse haziness on both side seen. Under present circumstances suggestive Of COVID 19 Infection must be considered and ruled out. Till reports complied. Protocols of COVID 19 must be followed. Regular monitoring and constant evaluation required. From investigation and evaluation required.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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Cardiomegaly, bilateral apical fibrosis,basal hazyness noted bilateral, ground glass appearance, mediastinum widening.needs further investigation basic investigation CBC, ESR, BSR ecg,2decho,

Thanks Dr Ashok Leel

Radiograph shows bilateral ground glass appearance Cardiomegaly H/o breathlessness first r/o cardiac involvement adv ecg and 2decho Secondaly order for RT pcr to r/o covid

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Tnx Dr Shivraj Agarwal sir

X ray chest is suggestive of cardiomegaly - adv 2 D ECHO Both basal haziness - rule out COVID 19 - RT PCR for COVID 19

Lordotic view. Superior mediastinal widening Rt paracardiac heziness seen findings sugg of rt middle lobar collapse consolidation. Adv CECT thorax and Echo CD

Hyperinflation of both lungs Mediastinal widening Haziness of both bases Cardiomegaly ? Mediastinal mass and cardiomegaly with left base pneumonia CT , ECHO , RTPCR for COVID

Poor inspiratory effort.. On x ray. All look normal 2 D ECHO for valvular lesion and myocarditis. Ecg for angina/ pericarditis Trop 1 Tab disprin 300mg. I'd Inj dicloran . Im bd

Pericardial effussion Cardiomegaly COPD Hrct 2 decho ecg tapping cbnat

Superior mediastinal mass, narrow pedicle ? Pericardial effusion adv CECT chest

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