Suggest the diagnosis and treatment of the case patient age

Suggest the diagnosis and treatment of the case Patient age 32/M - intense (excess) itching - reddish - < from sun, heat - > from cold water - patient saying after taking bath he feels like constrition of skin when he sits in fan - having pain on touch - having this problem since 1year



Cold urticaria. When patient comes in contact with cold water or swimming holding ice or sitting in air conditioning or having a cold breeze on body may get urticaria..Even anaphylactic shock may get manifested in this allergy. Prevention is better. H1 Blocker are used . Rupatidine helps dose 20 to 40 mg. Other antihistaminics are also helpful.

Could this b tinea corporis as there r borders visible?

Ya it looks like tinea

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Sun rays allergies with tinea corporis Use umbrella and whole body cotton cloth avoid sun rays exposure Tab Ketakinazole BD Tab Levocetrizine OD Tab Atarex BD Tab Multivitamins OD UV Cream before summer exposure Cream Zole F & Clotrimizole dusting powder for 1 month or more Heamogram ESR Blood sugar lft Srepe Test

Urticaria, rule out diabetes.

Urticaria Deflazacort 6mg TDS Levocetirizine 5mg bid daily

Dr.Kavish...He has skin tags too he is obese and lesions bleed on scratching+ acanthosis...(+)

It may be Tinea or may be contact dermatitis, cannot confirm as the pic is not clear. However, according to symptomatology, start treatment with sulphur 200 one dose, followed by Nat. mur 30 tds.

Photodermatis Contact dermatitis

Dr. Shailendra sir, Dr. Ashok sir, is it sheet pitta? ? Pitta shaman chikita will help right?

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