secondary systemic sclerosis

Suspected secondary systemic sclerosis due to SLE. Chief Complaints A 40 yr old female has come with complaints of multiple episodes of hemoptysis since 5 days. Pt is having polyarthralgia for past 1 yr and taking HCQ and steroids. She is a known HTN and taking febuxostat for hyperuricrmia. Pt has neg RF and anti ccp, but positive ANA. Physical Examination On examination pt has b/l pedal edema, microstomia, scleroderma and skin tightening with pigmentation over hand and face I, e sun exposed area. No other features. No crepts on auscultation. No features of Raynauds disease. Investigations CXR is showing B/L ground glass opacity. Pt is Covid RAT Neg. Sent sample for routine Ix, sputum for AFB and C/S. CXR and serum anti Ds DNA, anti SCL 70 and anti centromere . Suspecting secondary systemic sclerosis due to SLE.also planned for CT thorax.

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Right approach and analysis. Need to get confirmation from lab tests. Lip biopsy , oesophageal biopsy can be done . Renal functions are to be checked. RTPCR for COVID to be checked as a routine ..

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CXR Shows L.lower zone consolidation Antibiotics..Tab.Cepodoxime 200 mg bd 1 wk,, Tab.Azithromycin 500 mg od 5 days Cough suprasants

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Always get ANA by Immunofluorescence (IF) method. ANA by ELISA has no value.

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